What is a Hearing Test

A hearing test is a battery of tests designed to identified your hearing sensitivity. In other words, we are searching for the softest sounds that you can hear over different frequencies (pitches). The test is broken into four parts. The first part is a visual inspection of the ear and the external ear canal, looking for any obstruction. The second part is a pressure measurement, designed to see how well the ear drum moves. Next is pure tone audiometry, where we seek the softest audible sounds. And, finally there will be some speech assessments, were we can assess your speech discrimination ability and expected benefit from amplification.

What to Expect

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The hearing test typically takes around 45 mins and are non-invasive. The results are fully explained and a detailed rehabilitation program given, if you would benefit from hearing devices. We strongly recommended a trial of a hearing devices before proceeding, so that you can gauge realistic expectations from them before you make any decision.

hearing test

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